Speedrun ResourcesEdit Speed Demos Archive gamelist--here you can see the current (usually outdated) SDA run. All runs are on console, 'verified' for no-cheating and high video/playing quality. Also notable is the SDA Forum. Be sure to check out the homepage for information on the marathons (Awesome/Summer Games Done Quick). TASVideos. MM (NES) Page MMX (SNES) Page MMX (PSX) Page Tool-Assisted speedruns. Good resource for entertainment/strategy. Their emulators page is up-to-date. They also have forums. Many real-time strategies are developed from TAS tricks. Simply viewing an RTA vs a TAS will show you how much 'improvement' can be made, but keep in mind that many TAS strategies are simply not usable in real time. Niconico Live RTA Record Wiki (Japanese). Search for ロックマン (Rockman) to find the Mega Man pages. Times are typically from reset, do not always have videos, and are often on emulator.

StreamsEdit SpeedRunsLive streams page. Click on the main banner for the homepage. Join #speedrunslive at to join races. Be sure to read the FAQ first. Also, check out the Tools page for common programs. Speed Demos Archive Live Streams page. Drop by and say hello to the streamers.

OtherEdit Nico Nico Douga. Japanese video site (similar to Youtube). You must be registered (see next link) to view videos. Searching for your game and "RTA", "TA", or "TAS" will commonly find speedruns. ロックマン = rockman.

How to Make a Nico Nico Douga Account Made in 2008, but it's still pretty accurate.

Mega Man ResourcesEdit Mega Man Homepage. Has information on all games, as well as general strategy and information. Of particular note is the password generator here: Megaman Wikia, Knowledge Database. General information (no strategy).