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1/2/2018 update:

pages have been restored, please speak to your new admin appointee bjw (hinaplug) for all your wiki needs

To restate something from below re: "Why not just keep it up?"

This wiki contains outdated information, is incomplete, and is not formatted well. If users check this wiki first, they may likely encounter information that would stunt their learning or progress with a game (rather than studying runs, checking for recent tutorial videos, other wikis/pages, asking other users questions -- basically doing it the right way). There are 0 contributors, 0 updates, and better resources to use.

(Based on view counts I'm frankly shocked anyone noticed)

Hello all,

Around 2012 I started this Wikia as a means to consolidate and create resources for the Rockman / Megaman series relevant to speedrunning. At the time, there was no central hub for this information -- you would need to search TASVideos documentation, SDA forums, ask around on IRC or PMs to runners, check Japanese resources, and study TAS inputs. It wasn't too friendly to casually pick up.

There was quite a bit of activity right at the start, and several users contributed helpful diagrams, animations, and information to help. This Wiki also served as an intermediate leaderboard, one of the first in the western community before Joka began his site, (some communities may use, or may shift over).

However, it quickly became apparent that we did not have the userbase or resources to fill this wiki, and issues with consistency through articles were never fixed. Keeping information up to date was also a problem.

Around 2014 the Wiki fell out of use.

Through the following years (even now in early 2018) a user will occasionally drop in, make an edit, comment, etc, which indicates people are still checking this wiki for information. Since the information is not very useful, may be misleading or outdated, pages have now been removed. Most of the edits were just changes to the RTA links section for popular runners...

It is now 2018, and I've chosen to shut down the pages for good. While some of the information could be helpful to a new runner, it may also be detrimental to find information that is inaccurate, out of date, or misrepresents the community's current opinion.

To new runners: studying the runs for an individual game, asking questions to the runners who play the game, and exploring the game for yourself is the endgame for learning any speedrun. Tutorials can be helpful for specific information, but are very difficult to make in a digestible format.

All of this information is very accessible. Download videos, use frame advance, test on emulator, nag people on Twitter, find the Discord for your community, IRC, post on forums with good questions and you'll get good answers.

Please view the Links page for more resources.

Be sure to scroll down and read the general information below the page links.

Join us at #megaman on ! Also join #speedrunslive if you are interested in racing. You can use "/list" in IRC to see a list of current channels. 


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