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This wiki is essentially dead. If you're here for the first time, or haven't been here in a while, here is where I think you should go instead:

Mega Man Leaderboards  (or alternatively, if anything is hosted there instead)

First, this wiki was never really filled out. Second, it is not up to date. There are large gaps in information on every page, and many pages are basically empty. No concrete format was decided for the individual articles.

Ultimately, studying the runs for an individual game, asking questions to the runners who play the game, and exploring the game for yourself is the endgame for learning any speedrun. Tutorials can be helpful for specific information, but are very difficult to make in a digestible format.

All of this information is very accessible. Download videos, use frame advance, test on emulator, nag people on Twitter, IRC, forums with good questions and you'll get good answers.

At some point in time, this page may have been relevant -- providing leaderboards, linking to runs for reference, gathering information on specific tricks, current routes, alternative strategies for racing -- but now, a lot of that information has either been placed elsewhere, or (in the minds of many) is better referenced by watching the speedrun itself.

I don't see any point in deleting what's here, but it's not really worth updating.

Please view the Links page for more resources.

Be sure to scroll down and read the general information below the page links.

Join us at #megaman on ! Also join #speedrunslive if you are interested in racing. You can use "/list" in IRC to see a list of current channels. 


The new Mega Man RTA Leaderboards can be found here. Submit your times!!

Old leaderboards: have been archived for reference.

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Editing HelpEdit

Please register with your usual online username. Don't worry about formatting or writing in a Wiki style, but please be clear and specific with your information. Don't worry about adding pictures, videos, animations etc. If you have information to add, please do! Please don't feel offended if your contribution is slimmed down or removed when we trim the fat.

"Good" pages you should check out for the general format: Mega Man X, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 1. Formatting may not be consistent at this time, due to the young age and lack of effort with completeness of editing.


All Boss Damage Charts came from MMKB.

Todo / Help NeededEdit

Stage-by-stage notes aren't necessary. Maybe in the future, but it is redundant when videos are available. Emphasis should be on specific techniques and tricks.

Many pages currently have little or no information. They will eventually be worked on (maybe by you!). 

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