Mega Man X7 is the first X game for the PS2. It features a new character named Axl.


Any%: beat the game as fast as possible, timing goes from selecting "New Game" to Sigma phase 2's defeat.

Any% NG+: Beat the game from a file with the game completed, all chips upgrades for all characters, and the glide armor.

100%: Beat the game with the two subtanks, eight heart tanks, the four parts to glide armor, and 128 repliods.

Routes Edit

Any%/Any% NG+:

1. Gungaroo

2. Stonekong

3. Tonion

The rest can be done in whatever order you choose.


(This is theoretical, has not been tested.)

  1. Gungaroo
  2. Tonion
  3. Boarski
  4. Warfly (obtain X after this)
  5. Crowrang (X+Axl)
  6. Stonekong (X+Zero)
  7. HYenard (X+Zero)
  8. Anteater (X+Zero)

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