In Mega Man X8, before entering a stage, you get to choose 2 from the 3 main characters: X, Zero and Axl. However, Zero is preferred in most situations for his infinite flying glitch using Dark Mantis' weapon (see glitches section).

The two main categories for Mega Man X8 are:

  • Any%
  • 100%



  • Gigabolt Man-O-War - (Zero & X) His weapon is needed for acquiring the D Glaive on Dark Mantis' stage. Also, it's annoying, so it's a good first pick to make the run more reset-friendly.
  • Dark Mantis - (Zero & Axl) Get the D Glaive.
  • Gravity Antonion - (Use Zero & X from now on)
  • Bamboo Pandamonium
  • Burn Rooster
  • Earthrock Trilobyte
  • Avalanche Yeti
  • Optic Sunflower

After Mantis go to R&D Lab and buy Life Up, Life Up +1 and D-Glaive chips for Zero. You can also buy a half bottle if you want.

Do a second visit to R&D Lab after Jakob and buy Life Up +2 for Zero. You can also buy some life for X and a Life Tank. (You get this one from the rare metal on Sunflower)


Zero infinite flying attack glitch (ZIFA)Edit

While having the Rasetsusen skill (acquired by beating Dark Mantis) with Zero, you can move upwards inifinitely with or without horizontal movement by starting the spin with the special attack button when in the air, holding up on the d-pad and then pushing the left analog stick down or down+right or down+left.

Yellow Brontes skipEdit

The whole chase sequence with the giant yellow Mechaniloid in Earthrock Trilobyte's stage can be skipped by using the ZIFA glitch to fly upwards, over the Yellow Brontes, as soon as the stage begins, and reaching the door to the left. Be aware, though, that another Yellow Brontes appears behind the door and may freeze the game, requiring a reset.

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